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Hoi An - Cham Island

- 2 days - daily
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Hoi An - Cham Island

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Some details about Hoi An - Cu Lao Cham Island tour

Hoi An - Cham Island are two points to visit the most famous of the land in Quang Nam, the resort blends beauty with historical culture and natural landscape with beautiful islands. When you come here you will have moments of great experience unforgettable tour tour visiting Hoi An Cham Island

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Day 1: Hoi An - Cham Island (L,D)

07h00:   Transfer bus from hotel to Cua Dai quay.

08h00:   The boat departs. Have Breakfast. Relax in fresh cool wind & enjoy the beautiful landscape on the boat or canoe to Cham island

09h00:   Coming to Cham Island, Visit Bai Lang , including Au Thuyen , Tay Tang pagoda and Bai Lang fishing village, visit Tan Hiep Market and shopping.

11h00:   Arrival at the islands, snorkeling on  coral reef and sightseeing of the islands and see coral by glass-bottomed boat..

15h00:   relaxing, trekking for sightseeing, sun-bath, swimming, or join entertainment services on beach or popular games….

19h30:   Having Dinner at Chong Beach, relax, join camp-fire activity, music exchange, free and enjoy atmosphere by night in the Island.

22h00:   Overnight on beach with tourist tent (02 pax - 04 pax per 1 tent).



Day 2: Cham Island - Hoi An (B,L)

06h00:   Wake up , morning exercise.

08h00:   Having breakfast.

09h00:   Walking for sightseeing, Visiting Fishing village at Huong Island - Ng?c H??ng Pagoda – Swallow’s nest Communal House

11h00:   Coming back Chong Beach having lunch, swimming, relaxing.

15h30:   Return to the mainland

17h00:   Finish Tour.

All rates in US$ per person.


- Minibus, boat, entrance fee

- English speaking guide.

- Meals as indicated: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

- The service at Chong Island.

- Glass-bottomed Boat to see coral, Snorkling.

- Tent

- Insurance.


- Personal expenses, Tip….

- And others services:  Water-motor, fishing- boat , bicycle…..

Children rates:

+ Free of charge for children under 4 years sharing bed with parents.

+ Surcharge 50% rate of adult for children (5-9 years) sharing bed with parents.

+ Over 10 years is adult’s rate.


* The itinerary can be changed due to weather, tide levels and operating conditions.

* Special request (diet or vegetarian, …) should be sent before your departure date.


Tour type/ Class Price US$/per person